Application Information

Why must I submit an application if the training is free?

The training is limited in size and in order to establish a rule of fairness for all interested parties the program requests everyone to submit an application.

My agency is not located in a rural area can I still submit an application?

Yes, the application process is open to all Licensed Texas Peace Officers and Telecommunicators/9-1-1 Dispatchers regardless of the department/agency rural status.

What is considered a rural county?

To determine the rural status of an agency/department the program will use the Rural Policing Institute's definition of rural - Any area outside of a metropolitan statistical area (MSA), or any area jurisdiction inside of a MSA located in a county, borough, parish, or land under the jurisdiction of an Indian Tribe with a population of no more than 50,ooo.

However, the VAWT Program encourages all agencies/departments to submit an application regardless of rural status. 

Are SAFVIC Instructors eligible to submit an application and attend the training?

SAFVIC Instructors are ineligible to submit an application and attend the trainig. The material presented at the conference is considered an introduction to investigating violence crimes against women. The SAFVIC Program holds an Instructor Summit which is open to all current SAFVIC Instructors. In the event there is a large number of cancellations before the conference an e-mail will be sent out to SAFVIC Instructors notifying them of any open seating.

I am a Training Coordinator can I submit an application?

Training Coordinators can submit an application and will be selected if the following are met: 

1.  Must be part of a team that consists of one training coordinator, one law enforcement officer, and one telecommunicator/911 Dispatcher.

2.  A law enforcement officer and telecommunicator/911 Dispatcher cannot be an instructor/supervisor and must not have attended the conference in prior years.

3.  Team members must meet Criteria #2.

4.  Applications must be submitted and on file (training coordinator, law enforcement officer, and telecommunicator/911 Dispatchers) before final approval is given.

I have attended the training one or more prior years; can I still submit an application to attend?

Applicants who have attended the training in previous years will be placed on a waiting list and will be considered after selecting applicants who have never attended and met one or more of the criteria(s).

Previous attendees will be selected to attend if another applicant from their agency who has never attended submits an application and is selected to attend. 

If I do not meet the criteria can I still submit an application?

All interested applicants must be a licensed peace officer or telecommunication professional and must be employed by an agency/department in a full time capacity. Reserved officers, administrative assistants, victim service providers, etc. are ineligible to attend.