General Information

Why is the training location so far from tourist attractions (i.e. Riverwalk, amusement parks, beach, etc.)?

The VAWT Program Staff strives to secure a location that is accessible and attractive to everyone. One of the conditions of the grant guidelines is to secure a hotel that does not exceed the required nightly government rate for a particular area. Therefore, securing a hotel within the governmental rate is not always an option for hotels located near popular attractions.

Why doesn’t the program provide food and beverages for meals and breaks during the training?

The VAWT Program is grant funded through the Criminal Justice Department of the Texas Governor’s Office from The Office on Violence Against Women (OVW) in Washington D.C., which sets the guidelines for grant participants. One of the conditions of the grant guidelines is funds must not be used for food and beverage items. In some cases the hotel may provide food and beverage items to the program at no cost but it’s not always the case. Therefore, when food and beverage items are provided at no cost to the program it is at the discretion of the hotel and the program has no control on what items are served.

What is the dress code for attending the training?

In order to maintain a professional decorum for attendees, speakers, and staff the dress code for any training event is business casual- dark denim jeans/slacks, collared shirts, polo style shirts or buttoned down shirts, and closed-toe shoes for both men and women.

T-SHIRTS, FLIP-FLOPS/SANDALS, and TORN or RIPPED JEANS are not considered business casual

I have been selected to attend the training why do I have to register if I already submitted an application?

The purpose of registration is needed for attendees to choose room selection (King/Double), enter arrival/departure day, selection of breakout sessions, enter correct information for submission of hours, and attendance.

Why can’t I select my breakout sessions on the day of the training instead of during registration?

Breakout sessions are limited in size due to seating capacity for each ballroom. In order to establish a rule of fairness all breakout sessions on Tuesday will be first come, first serve during registration.

The session I would like to attend is full can I just select another session and attend the session I really want on the day of the trainig?

All sessions are determined upon registration and attending another session without notifying a staff member may result in an attendee not receiving credit for the training.

If an attendee would like to attend a session that is currently full please select another session and contact the VAWT Program Services Specialist, Jennifer Ygnacio to be placed on a waiting list.

An attendee may inquire about schedule changes or breakout session availability on the day of check-in. 

Why do I have to attend all breakout sessions?

Our program is a grant funded program from the Criminal Justice Department of the Governor’s Office and our goal is to ensure these funds are used to train law enforcement personnel. TCOLE requires our program to verify the attendance of each law enforcement personnel for submission of hours and TCOLE credit.

The VAWT Program staff works diligently to carefully select applicants who desire this type of training which is not offered elsewhere or cannot be obtained due to budget constraints. For every conference attendee that is selected there are many more attendees placed on a waiting list in the event of a cancellation.

I attended the training last year and I had to sign in at every session and have a staff member document my attendance on my Official Record of Attendance. Will the requirements be the same and why?

Yes, all attendees will be required to sign-in at the initial check-in and at the start of every general session and breakout session. Attendees will be required to submit their Official Record of Attendance to a staff member for verification.

I have been selected to attend the training but I may have to cancel. Can I send someone from my agency in my place?

Yes. Anytime an attendee must cancel their attendance to a training event they are allowed to send another representative from their agency. The only requirement is an attendee must contact the Program Services Specialist with directions and information for and about the replacement.

I have been selected to attend the training but have to testify in court on Wednesday and have to leave early on Tuesday. Will I still get credit?

The VAWT Program understands the civil commitments of its conference attendees. The rules and conditions of the VAWT Program to attend training is that an attendee cannot miss any of the sessions or section of a training to receive credit.  Therefore, if you have to miss a ½ day or whole day for any reason it would be in the best interest of the training that you vacate your seat to someone on the waiting list or someone in your agency. Vacating your seat to a training event will not exclude you from future training.