Hotel Information

Can I or someone from my agency call the hotel and make my reservations for my upcoming training?

All hotel arrangements will be handled by the program staff. This helps us ensure attendees will not incur any lodging expenses which they are not responsible for.

What are hotel incidentals and why do I need a credit/debit card upon check-in?

Hotel incidentals are items not covered by the VAWT program such as in-room movies, room service, parking, long distance/local telephone charges, internet access, shoulder dates, and resort fees (if applicable).

A credit/debit card is required to ensure that any incidentals are the sole responsibility of the attendee and not the VAWT Program.

Will my credit/debit card be charged during registration and at check-in for incidentals?

Attendees using a personal/agency credit card will not be charged during registration or at check-in. A credit card will only be charged at check-out for any incidentals or for any shoulder dates which are not covered by the VAWT Program.

Attendees using a debit card will have funds debited from their account upon check-in for each day of their stay for incidentals and for any shoulder dates which are not covered by the VAWT Program. All funds debited for incidentals will be credited back to the attendee within 3 to 5 business days after check-out minus any applicable charges.

Can an agency credit card be used for reservations and incidentals for my upcoming training?

Yes, an attendee may secure a reservation and/or incidentals with an agency credit card. The attendee must contact  the Program Services Specialist for further instructions.

I don’t have a credit card to reserve my room can I still register ?

An attendee can register without a credit card. Special conditions will apply, please contact the VAWT Program Services Specialist, Jennifer Ygnacio for further instructions.

Can I check-in a day early or check-out a day after the training?

Attendees electing to arrive prior to/depart after a training may do so at their expense. Shoulder dates prior to/after a training will be given the same group rate.

If a selected applicant is chosen to attend the training and the attendee lives in the vicinity of the conference location will the attendee be eligible for overnight accommodations?  

Applicants selected to attend must reside more than 50 miles one way from the training location to qualify for overnight accommodations. If an attendee resides less than 50 miles they may still attend as a Daily Attendee.

Can my family accompany me to the training and stay in the hotel room overnight?

Yes. Family members can inhabit lodging that is provided to an attendee. However, they are not allowed to attend the training or at any related functions (i.e. breakfast, breaks, breakout sessions, etc.)