Statewide Training on Violence Against Women

2020 Conference TBD

Selected Attendees

A total of 150 applicants (80 law enforcement officers, 30 telecommunicators/dispatchers, and 40 college and university law enforcement) will be selected to attend this three day training. All selected attendees will be notified of their selection as the program staff reviews incoming applications before or on TBD but no later TBD.

Training Fees

All training, registration, and lodging fees will be at no cost to selected attendees.  If an attendee elects to arrive a day or two prior to the conference, or depart after the conference at their expense they may do so. Attendees will receive the group rate up to 3 days prior to or after the conference.

Overnight Accommodations

Applicants selected to attend the 3 day training must reside more than 50 miles (one-way) from the conference location to qualify for overnight accommodations. A selected attendee who resides less than 50 miles from the conference location may still attend as a daily attendee

Travel Expenses

The VAWT Program does not cover any travel, meal or hotel incidental expenses. All travel expenses for early arrival/late departure, no-show, meals, in-room movies, room service, parking, fuel, airfare, etc. are the sole responsibility of the conference attendee.


Attendees will receive 12 hours TCOLE Credit and will appear in your records as Law Seminar after ALL attendance records have been verified for ALL training sessions. An attendee will not receive partial credit or report of hours to TCOLE if they DID NOT attend all sessions- NO EXCEPTIONS.

Dress Code

Business casual (dark denim jeans/slacks, collared shirts, polo style shirts or buttoned down shirts, and closed-toe shoes for both men and women). The following attire will not be allowed: T-SHIRTS, FLIP-FLOPS/SANDALS, and TORN or RIPPED JEANS. The dress code WILL BE ENFORCED. Please pack accordingly. 


If an attendee must cancel their attendance to the training please notify the VAWT Program Staff as soon as possible in order to find a replacement.

If an attendee would like to send a colleague as a replacement please notify the VAWT Program Staff via email or phone.

*The VAWT Program encourages all agencies/departments to submit an application regardless of rural status.

**The Statewide Training on Violence Against Women DOES NOT SERVE as a substitute for any SAFVIC course and in ineligible for any special or advanced certification.